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The crew at Maintain The Dream feels it's a privilege to hold the title as a premier choice in Hendersonville for pressure washing services. We're an exterior cleaning company with a foundation rooted in hard work and believing in the American Dream. For locals who have been able to build their dream home, our dream of having a business to help you take care of that home is what matters the most.

We take care of your home as though it were our own - if not better. We always feel it's an honor to be invited to work with a local homeowner and fellow community member and provide deep cleaning for the roof, siding, walkways, and more.

Our commitment is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, and that's how we always deliver customer satisfaction. If you're ready to restore your Hendersonville home to as good as new condition, call us for professional power washing.

House Washing In Hendersonville Improves Aesthetics & Value

The Hendersonville area is filled with beautiful homes. Part of what helps keep this area looking its best is property owners who chip in to do their part to maintain the outside of their home or business.

Fortunately, we get to be a part of helping local homeowners spruce up their exterior. Whether it's house washing to get ready to paint, to sell, or personal enjoyment - there's no wrong reason to clean your home.

A sparkling clean exterior is how your street looks better, your neighborhood looks immaculate, and your community looks cared for. We all share the same dream, and that's for a united community, and keeping your property clean helps contribute to that. Other benefits include:

  • Improving the curb appeal
  • Increasing the property value
  • Removing contaminants that damage materials
  • Destroying bacteria that can be a health hazard
  • Preparing for professional house painting service

Roof Cleaning To Protect Your Home In Hendersonville

There's no arguing that your rooftop is the most vital part of your home. As the primary barrier against Mother Nature and the elements, it means your roof requires care and attention. However, while most homeowners remember to include roof inspections as part of routine maintenance, they neglect to get professional roof cleaning.

It's important to know that power washing is not the best method for cleaning roofing material, especially asphalt shingles. High-power pressure washing can do more damage than good. Our gentle but effective soft washing techniques make a world of difference.

To schedule the best local pressure washing and roof cleaning service in Hendersonville, reach out to Maintain The Dream as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


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